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World Class Quality Assurance Programmes at a nominal cost

HKIMLSQAPA consortium of enthusiastic and energetic practicing medical laboratory professionals assembled in the late 1988 to study the feasibility of establishing a local quality assurance programme to promote the quality and standard of medical laboratory techniques, examine the comparability of analytical methodologies and help rectify technical problems among medical laboratories in Hong Kong. Upon completion of the research for nearly two years, HKIMLSQAP (formerly HKMTAQAP) was launched as the first ever run indigenous programme in Hong Kong in February 1990.

Currently, there are eight specialties: Anatomical Pathology, Haematology and Serology, Medical Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry jointly organized with Randox RIQAS. HKIMLSQAP, in collaboration with Public Health Laboratory Services Branch of Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, offers Acid-Fast Bacillus Microscopy, Neisseria gonorrhoeae Susceptibility Testing, Virus Serology and Viral Nucleic Acid Testing. In co-operation with Hong Kong College of Pathologists, HKIMLSQAP offers Interpretative Quality Assurance Programme in Clinical Microbiology and Haematology in 1996 and 2006, respectively. There are more than 80 medical laboratories from Hong Kong, Macau and vicinity participating to over 230 subjects among 10 programmes.


Multi-disciplinary team

HKIMLSQAP is the wholly owned subsidiary of HKIMLS (formerly HKMTA, founded in 1966). It is manned by the council which is composed of chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, vice-secretary, treasurer, quality manager, deputy quality manager, specialty panel heads and deputy specialty panel heads.

Each specialty panel is made up of experienced professionals in the field. Members are recruited from eminent medical laboratory technologists, scientists and pathologists practicing in public and private sectors. The Panel Heads are given a high degree of freedom and autonomy to run the specialties. They are responsible for the administration, development, data processing, statistical analysis and generation of the survey reports. Distinguished professionals are also invited to give comments and advice to specialty panels for improvement.

All appointments are under a non-remunerated and voluntary basis. A staff is employed to assist the operation in the rented office at Flat 1711, Floor 17, Block C, Bell House, 525-543 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

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